• V Vegetariane
  • VG Vegan
  • GF Gluten Free
  • VGO


Spicy edamame & guacamole with crackersVG GF$12


Salmon sashimi traditionalGF$18

Wasabi soy sauce

Salmon sashimi modernGF$18

Avocado pur'ee, semi dried tomato soy

Scallop aburiGF$22

Truffle soy butter

Black Angus beef carpaccioGF$22


Salmon, Hokkaido scallop, crab meat, avocado pur’ee white rice

Scallop traditional GF$22

Wasabi soy

Scallop modernGF$22

Avocado purée, semi dried tomato soy


Panko bugs (2p)$18


Wagyu pancake (2p)$16

Sweet soy

Age (Fried) tofu (2p)VG GF$14

Friend Eggplant ,miso, avocado pur'ee

Spicy fried calamari$25

Homemade chili, tartar


Miso ramen$20

Chicken stock soup, sous vide chicken

Spicy miso ramen$22

Home made chilli

Veggie miso ramenV$22

Eggplant miso, vege stock soup, tofu

Spicy miso seafood ramen $35

Clam, crab meat, scallop, bug, calamari


Japanese marinara$34

Clam, bugs, scallop

Chicken miso arrabiataVO$28

Homemade chilli

Eggplant and sliced beefVO$28

Chicken miso cream$34

Beun pescatore$42

Italian tomato sauce cream, crab meat, clam,bug,scallop, calamari


Chef’s fish special$MP

Gourmet wagyu curry w white riceGF$34

Slow cooked wagyu chuck w red wine, curry

Sous vide chicken breastGF$30

Truffle soy butter and sweet soy

Black Angus beef steak 200gGF$55

Wasabi, salt, truffle soy butter. Sous vide serve mid rare.

Black Angus beef steak 400gGF$95

Wasabi, salt, truffle soy butter. Sous vide serve mid rare.

Deep fried tofu with spicy curry sauce VG GF$28

Edamame , eggplant, rice


Belgian chocolate mousseV $10

Mango ice cream VG GF$10

  • V Vegetariane
  • VG Vegan
  • GF Gluten Free
  • VO Vegetarian option 

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